What Hiring Managers Look For When Hiring For Video Game Testing Jobs

Hiring managers for video game testing jobs typically have a specific set of skills, attributes and experience in mind when interviewing potential employees. Depending on the job level, whether entry-level or advanced, this list can vary quite widely. However, there are a general set of attributes that are universal for all video game testing jobs, and knowing what hiring managers are looking for will enable you to demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the job.

Specifically, it is important for candidates to have a firm grasp on exactly what hiring managers expect when hiring for video game testing jobs. Hiring managers enter every interview with a precise understanding of the elements they need to see and hear that will enable them to make a yes or no decision as to hiring any specific candidate. The most important elements they will be looking for are as follows:

o Analytical Judgment – It is important to สล็อต be able to show that you can impart good judgment and analysis to your testing efforts. You should be able to determine whether something constitutes a serious bug, or merely an annoyance. When you find a bug, you should attempt to dig deeper, in order to discover the various ways and scenarios in which that bug can manifest; with serious bugs, there is usually more than one way it breaks the game.
o Commitment – It is critical to demonstrate that you are committed to a long-term career path in the video game industry, and are not simply attempting to add a notch in your resume with a job you don’t really care about. Demonstrate in practical ways how you are committed to doing whatever it takes to accomplish the job, even if entails working long hours and putting in a lot of overtime in order to meet deadlines and ship schedules.
o Problem Solving – When you encounter a problem, you should be able to demonstrate the specific steps you would take in order to understand and resolve it – or escalate the problem to a developer. The greater your problem solving skills are, the more you can contribute to the testing effort by not bogging down developers needlessly. Being able to demonstrate these skills in an interview will serve you well.
o Experience – While experience as a paid game tester isn’t needed for many entry-level positions, having some knowledge and experience testing will help a great deal. This can be experience as an unpaid beta tester, or testing software in some other capacity. Hiring managers do like to see from video game testing job applicants experience in testing in some capacity, whether paid or not.
o Education – A College degree isn’t needed for most game testing jobs, but any college will certainly help, especially if it is industry related. You will find there are many options beyond gaining a college degree that can help advance your game testing career, such as online classes, employer training, self-study, certificate programs, and more.